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You’ve poured your heart and soul into writing your music. Now let me help you capture the magic! I believe in the importance of capturing your music as well as possible at source, which starts with great instruments in a fantastic sounding room. Check out my studio to see where you’ll be tracking if we work together!


This is the part where I turn your raw performance into release-ready, punchy & polished sounding records! As well as mixing the music I have recorded, my mixing services are also available to hire for projects you have recorded at home or anywhere else. Scroll down to hear some of my work…

Full production

I specialise in helping solo singer-songwriters take their music to the next level. I have a team of some of the best session musicians around and can turn your songs into awesome sounding full band productions. Get in touch and I will be happy to put together a free no obligation quote for you.

Check out some of my work…



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About Jake Skinner

Jake is a professional recording engineer, mixer and producer based in Brighton, UK. He co-owns Brighton Road Recording Studios. 

After spending much of his teens and early twenties as a touring musician Jake gradually made the transition to full-time audio engineer.

Jake has recorded and mixed records for hundreds of bands and artists in genres spanning from rock to reggae to folk to hip hop. Check out his client list here.


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